Monday, October 27, 2008

The Session on Tamansari

Tamansari is a garden of empire or guesthouse of Sultan Djogja and the family, the Tamansari function as place to meditation of sultan along with the family, despitefully also as resort having defence component. The position of tamansari its only 0.5 km of south djogja empire's, this building architect its like nation of portugis, so that the european nation building nuance very strong, beside mean the javaneese tradition its strong also. Tamansari was build a period of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I or around final of century XVII M.
Tamansari is a place which enough draw to be visited. Besides the situation which not too far from djogja empire's, representing especial tourism of this town,
In the world of photography, tamansari become the idol of all djogja photographer, some photographer conducting the photograph session in this location, the artistic of the potograph session in tamansari its very classic and exotic is like as in a past,

Tamansari is in djogja city, Indonesia

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photography in your live

Its like about aphorism word, that requirement photography there will always under the sun, during human being , for the example, when our dear mother have a pregnant moment so the doctor will do the usg, when we born, our father will take a photo, when we start can walk the grandmother will make a picture also, when we bolt the school and collage at university we cannot leave the requirement of photography. As free as collage, we bolt enough mature doing the start new life, we are cannot duck out the requirement of photography, the photograph at above likely become the device of early new life an our household, even if according to its faction photograph above is the part of wedding party, and previously some people will start with the prewedding, which usually made also as complement in wedding invitation, and also for the photo of welcome in wedding event